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3/30 THURSDAY AM tasks (Brian)


JOURNAL about lessons you learned from jobs and a time you felt like a real actor
SEND 5 personal emails to CD’s who know you

REACH out to Chris Doherty and Ryan about directing
SEND Scene to Award winning reels without title
EMAIL/CALL agents and managers in SE for general meetings
REACH out to Hillary about SE
ADD Henry Danger to the reel – as a tag?

Submit every day starting Monday
Write 6 pages of screenplay
2 yoga classes
*Write page before for all reel scenes
Edit 10 pages of book
Email Karen about Jean jacket if you want
Shoot scenes for reel
Go to 2 auditions
Follow up with Ed

SUBMIT flyer
MEET with Nicole about pilot
FOLLOW UP with manager about scene
REHEARSE and bring in Big Little Lies scene
PUT together writing packet of trivia questions
WORK on 1978
SUBMIT everyday, have auditions be playful
SUBMIT to stand up shows
SET UP coffee with Sarah about comic manager

PUT feature audition on tape and be clear about dates out of town
REORDER IMDB photos, put on set stuff first, take out headshots, only 3 red carpet (take out mom), buy sopranos and take a screen shot so not grainy, mentalist same thing, take down 33
PICK a new profile photo, something that’s you, editorial (from shoot with Jerry?)
CREAT Pinterest page of one look and invite Jerry, add some light sets
WHAT are the 5 brand propositions that I deliver every time – share words with Jerry – earthy, grounded, sharp shooter…
IDENTIFY who’s calls you in the most and the least
DO 5 drop off for who calls you in the least – new pics
WRITE on sketch for 2 hours, flush it fully out to hone it

ATTEND 3 open mics
**DO shitty first draft by the book – 1.5 hours. Turn off phone, light candle, enjoy
TEXT Jodi to schedule phone appointment
MAKE 5 band promise words, what do you deliver every time
GET better quality, HD, of everything you have (MAKE into 2 minute combo reel of drama and comedy next week, might want to add HBO)
PRACTICE comedy thing with Karen