Master Class

Master Class | 7 Wonders of the Working Actor

A dynamic, interactive life and career coaching class that takes all the marketing mumbo jumbo you’ve learned over the years and focuses it into a program that aligns with your specific life and career goals. You’ll get a new perspective on your business and a buttload of tools to create the career you want (#GetAAS). Unlike any other class you’ve ever taken, this interactive class will leave you feeling inspired and supported with practical steps, tools and guidance to fulfillment as an artist and a working actor.

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What happens at Master Class? // Format + Content

Get to Know You – How Do You Show Up in the World? Your coach leads this seemingly simple round-robin “tell a little about yourself” exercise which quickly transforms into a lesson in the art of conversation, connection, etiquette, and a close examination of our external/internal story. It is both a surprising look at the stories we tell ourselves as well as practical tools in “how to schmooze/network.” What we can learn from gossip and elevator interactions and more importantly how do we put into practice?

Community Check-In & Our Three Magic Rules A clear defining of our goals for the day including your own personal expectations for the class. Your role in today’s class.

New Ways to Do the Work Using some of the most forward-thinking artists and business leaders of today we take a look at the relationship you have with organization, the addiction to anxiety over action, your gremlin/saboteur/critic inside and the things that stand in the way of you ability to get to things done. You will be challenged by a goal-setting demonstration that will change the way you show up to auditions. **This is the portion of the class most clients will talk about for days to come… get ready to be fiercely honest with yourself, your business, and your art.

What Do You Sell – Your Brand, Your Billboard, Your Magazine Cover An interactive exercise to clearly identify your type/brand. With your classmates and the expert opinion of your coach, this exercise will leave you hungry to put it into practice. You’ll be taught how to put this learning into practice with your headshot, your resume (most often overlooked branding opportunity!), your reel, your website, online profiles, clips, castability/one-sheets and business/post-cards.

How Do You Sell – What Mad Men, Charlize Theron & InStyle Magazine Teach us We take a fierce look at the Advertising Rule of 7, the privilege of the famous vs. doing their job and how the “worlwide box office” makes your job easier. Create a monthly marketing plan that’s simple, cost-effective, and will actually help you to book a job (becoming “offer only”).

Who You Sell To – Relationship, Relationship, Relationship Is it possible you have already met everyone you need to in order to have a successful career? You’ll get tools to manage and maintain your current industry relationships while continuing to grow your network in a way that is focused and effective. Here we will put your newfound goal focus into use as we identify your next five specific marketing targets (and how it ain’t all about casting director and workshops!). You will be taught how to catalog these people and create a database.

What Do You Really Want Your coach will lead you to create dynamic, exciting, and focused six month goals that are resonant and thrilling to you. No more should’s, no more need to’s. Let’s leave all the noise and distraction at the door.

Wrap Up & Next Steps – Gratitude & Manifestation + The Rules Change Master Class is a shortcut to a powerful actor-driven community and your coach will guide the end of the session to set you up for ongoing connection and success.

Who takes Master Class? If you don’t want to take an honest look at your business, this is not the class for you. Any actor interested in being successful on a personal and professinal level. Actors at any point in their careers, with/without representation. Actors interested in getting better at the business of show business. Actors that would like to take our weekly in-person or salons.

When?  Master Class is offered once or twice a month and is the prerequisite to joining ongoing salon.

How?  Call or email to make it happen. We offer this class in New York in Los Angeles or via phone coaching around the world!

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