Master Class

Master Class is the first step in being happy in your life and successful in your career. Master Class will give you the foundation for your business fitting into your life (and vice versa). It is also the prerequisite to joining one of our weekly Actor Salons.

What is a Master Class

A fast-paced, innovative workshop where you’ll align your career and life by honing your skills so that you can enjoy the business of acting.  We focus on creating an environment that is effective, while continuing to inspire your artistic spirit.

  • IDENTIFY your specific brand and create a monthly marketing plan that’s simple, cost-effective and will help to actually book jobs
  • CREATE dynamic, exciting six month goals and take the first steps to achieve them
  • BRAND your headshot, resume, reel, clips, postcard, website, one-sheet, cast-ability sheet and more
  • IDENTIFY your personal marketing targets including past and future industry contacts
  • BALANCE your life and career so they are both successful
You’ll leave empowered with practical ideas and knowledge to ensure that you market your actor essence and get in the door.  You’ve chosen to be an actor for a reason; your marketing plan will reflect that.  We create the steps that will continue to inspire you (otherwise… you ain’t gonna get them done!).

Who takes Master Class?
Actors of every level, with/without representation, interested in getting better at the business of show business, as well as actors that would like to take our weekly in-person or salons.

When is it offered? How do I sign up?
Call or email to register and receive your “My Future Form”.
Outside LA: 323-487-0566 –
Los Angeles: 323-656-1937 –
(This button is for Los Angeles only)