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Andy Steinhauer


“Brian – I just wanted to let you know that I booked (and already shot) a guest star on Lifetime’s “My Haunted House”. The producer took some time getting back to me about what their social media policy is, so I kind of kept it on the DL until now.

Anyway, beefy part. Lots of lines, lots of scenes, some gore, some yelling – all the fun horror stuff! I definitely have the things I’ve learned in Salon and you to thank for landing the role and getting me in the habit of doing follow-ups and whatnot. So thank you!

Also, funny story, I was cast in “My Haunted House” and “My Crazy Ex” one day after the other. The two CD’s sat next to each other at Painless TV and apparently had a laugh about it. I was only allowed to do one, but the validation certainly felt good. Stay Classy!”