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Jenna Nikolaisen


“Prior to Actor Salon, I was working hard at the business of my career, but salon taught me to work smarter. I gave over to their approach to marketing and building relationships, and have finally gotten out of my self-diagnosed ‘witness protection’ – where no one knew who I was or where I went. I have revived relationships, created new ones, and have moved my career forward in a measurable way. I am so grateful!

Also, just got my first theatrical audition of the year! Phew! Finally! I started reading the script and running through a litany of big questions, “Is this the kind of thing I want to be a part of?” “Do I really want this type of material associated with me?” “Is this okay when I have a son and a husband?” (As you can guess, the material is a little racy — in a comedic and fun way, but not in the “It’s okay because it is Scorsese” way.) THEN I remembered your [Brian’s] first video about submitting daily and auditioning even on the things you don’t want to do. If they offer me the part, I’ll deal with those questions later. For now, thanks to your words, I’m giving myself permission to just enjoy auditioning and being an actor and use the experience to sharpen my skills and get to live in the character’s moment. Good stuff.