What Peeps Say

Judy Bowman, Judy Bowman Casting NYC: 

Whenever I meet an actor who is talented but needs a little career guidance, Brian is the man who comes to mind first. Brian is successful in everything he does.  I don’t know anyone who is as brave and enterprising as he is.  He inspires me everyday;  I know he will inspire not just actors, but people who have any goal they want to achieve.  His magic is his innate way of helping people figure out how to best go after what they want and to work around their roadblocks.”

Nadia Quinn:

“This has been a really amazing year for me, and I’d be crazy to not acknowledge the part you played in kicking things off.  After my FIRST career-focusing coaching – at which time I was on a downward spiral of being in my own way, feeling lost and frustrated with my life – EVERYTHING CHANGED.  In ONE YEAR I am now signed with both a commercial and legit agent, as well as a manager in LA.  I audition with confidence, and I feel no concern about the direction my career is taking.  I am happy.  I feel like I know where I’m going and what I’m doing now. Thank you. I am so grateful to you for your help in directing me and getting me on track.  You are the bomb. SO….thank you so much.

Brad Haak, Music Director, Mary Poppins on Broadway

“From my work conducting Broadway shows, to sitting through hours of auditions, workshops and readings, I know what it takes for a performer to be successful in New York. You have to treat your craft as a business – and you’re the product. Brian Patacca gets this – he’s one of the most proactive and organized (not to mention talented!) actors I have ever met. But more importantly, he’s an effective communicator and knows how to share this knowledge with others in a way that is equally proactive and organized.”

Philip Mutz

“Thanks so much for all of your coaching and guidance over the last five months.  In such a short amount of time, I have been able to jump-start my career and make giant steps forward – ones that I’ve been struggling to make for years. By coaching with you privately, I found myself with a career ‘To-Do List’ longer than I could have ever conceived.  All of a sudden, I knew where I wanted my career to go and I had new, specific ways of going about achieving those goals. I’ve found such immense support and generosity, that my career has truly begun to flourish!  I’m now working with two different commercial agents. I have been called in – and called back! – by casting directors that wouldn’t have known who I was five months ago. “

Margot Rubin:

Actor Salon has made such a difference in my career, and has truly impacted my life in Los Angeles.  Before Salon, I did not know how to take control of my career, but with the help of the Actor Salon coaches, Sharon, I have learned that I am my own business, and as a result, I am more empowered and inspired than ever.  All of the hard work and dedication towards being an entrepreneur has yielded countless results, including representation, footage, and creating long lasting sustainability in this industry.  I am so grateful to Actor Salon, and look forward to what the future holds not only for me, but for my classmates as well!

Dane Biren:

“It’s so funny the way the universe works. I received an email from Actor Salon which was a perfectly timed affirmation of how on the right track I am with this stuff. I have been GTS’ing all day and was thinking about how frightening it is to be sending stuff to random people with this fear in the back of my head saying they’re gonna write me back and say “HOW DARE YOU EMAIL ME. “

I had my phone in my hand as I was thinking this and it buzzed with your email about growing as we step out of our comfort zone. And I just thought “yes!”

A letter from The United States Senate thanking Brian Patacca for his coaching work.

Jackie Ganz

“Actor Salon has made me take control of my career.  It’s made me more confident and proactive.  When I have specific tasks each week leading toward my 6 month goals, it all feels manageable.  I have a focus, I can organize my time better, and I know that if I feel stuck in any way, I have the most charismatic friends and teachers who will hold my hand and/or give me that necessary nudge.  Plus it’s fun, and I laugh every week!”

Hilary Pingle, Act Now Consultant:

“I’ve been doing the networking thing for years… I even advise people on how to make the most of their careers using that very network, but at the Actor Salon Master Class, I was catapulted into a plethora of new ideas! 2012 is going to be an amazing year of productivity! Thanks guys.“

Mitch Lerner

“I’m grateful for everything Actor Salon does to foster an active, productive, healthy, positive environment and support system for all of us in salon.  Personally, my sense of responsibility to myself has been completely turned around and grown since joining salon – wholly due to the motivation from the group.  Really incredible things are happening. THANK YOU.”

Clayton Froning:

“While I was in Salon, I got a killer new commercial agent, learned to confidently contact CD’s and job givers in the theatrical world to get myself jobs, re-establish relationships with past connections, which led to more work, and felt good knowing that I am doing my job!”

Jen Nikolaisen

”Prior to Actor Salon, I was working hard at the business of my career, but Actor Salon taught me to work smarter. I gave over to their approach to marketing and building relationships, and have finally gotten out of my self-diagnosed ‘witness protection’ where no one knew who I was or where I went. I have revived relationships, created new ones, and have moved my career forward in measurable way. I am so grateful!”

Ben Whitehair:

“If I were King I would make every single actor join Actor Salon. It’s not only an incredibly supportive environment to get coaching on the business side of your acting career, but also an amazing space of accountability. Whether you’re just starting and not sure what to actually do to further your career, or you’re a veteran actor looking for a tier jump, Actor Salon is the place to be for anyone serious about their career.”

Lisa Kaminir:

“Through its unique mix of accountability, emotional support and creative brainstorming, Actor Salon has helped me completely reinvigorate my career and rekindle my passion for it.”

Sarah Baskin

“I am truly loving Actor’s Salon; I think you’ve created something unique and necessary for actors. There are so many layers to its effectiveness, but what stands out to me most is the particular blend of support, strategy, and accountability. The positive energy of salon seemed to propel me into one of the most successful business weeks I’ve ever had: two commercial callbacks (currently on first refusal for a national!), one incredible audition for a play, a finished draft of my pilot and a sold out workshop that I created. I wanted to share this because I include my coach and my salon crew in this all happening.” 


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